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#1- The Sugar Mill Ruins


Deep in what was once the NAVY base, we find "The Cradle" of this island’s civilization. The Ruins of the island's first Sugar Mill.


1 hour


Group- $65 per person 

Private- $900 flat


Maximum 15 guests


We meet at the 400 year old Ceiba Tree then motorcade through what once was the western NAVY Base. It is easy to forget that you're on this small island as it looks more and more like we're headed to Jurassic Park. The large stone walls are a tell tale sign that we have arrived! We hike around the old ruins as your knowledgeable guide tells you about how this place fits into the island's history and how it made life as we know it today possible. We will be covered by the tropical canopy but it's still important to wear sunblock and insect repellent. 

#2- Cayo De Tierra


Join us on a quest to see Sun Bay from a bird's eye view! 

Feel the Tradewinds on your face!


1.5 hours


Group- $80 per person 

Private- $800 flat


Maximum 10 guests 


We meet in Esperanza then we will head towards the island that is connected by a sandbar. Beyond this natural bridge, we hike up a hidden path that takes us through a bewildering slew of micro-habitats. As we trek to the top, we are greeted by a symphony of tropical bird songs. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will point out medicinal herbs and teach you some survival techniques that could someday save your life. This is truly an amazing experience that causes you to look at things a little differently and opens up your eyes to a new world of possibilities! 



Q: Where should I stay?

A: Check if Joe and Maria have space at The Vieques Tropical Guesthouse 

Q: How should I dress?

A: We at times travel through some brush so we suggest wearing long sleeves, sturdy walking shoes, and sunscreen. You may also want to wear some bug spray.

Q: How do we get to the excursion sites?

A: We pick you up from your hotel or Airbnb. Groups of more than 6 will need to provide a 2nd vehicle. 

Q: Will I be able to purchase water somewhere?

A: You are welcome to bring your own bottle but we will provide 2 bottles of water per person and a light re-energizing snack.

Q: Are there wild animals I should worry about?

A: The wildlife on Vieques is the skittish type, they avoid human contact so chances of getting attacked by one are very low. If you are allergic to bees, we do suggest bringing your epinephrine to be on the safe side.

Q: Will we be walking the whole 3 hours?

A: No, we will be transporting in the vehicle from site to site. 

Q: What if the snack isn’t enough?

A: We can stop by a food truck along the way.